1. Chairman of the Asian, Caribbean, Oriental and Asian Artistes of EQUITY.

  2. A governor of Fleetville School, St Albans.

  3. On the Board of Directors for Trestle Theatre, St Albans.

  4. Member of the London Regional Committee of ITV under the Chairmanship of The Lord David Lipsey.

  5. Chairman of the St Albans Film Society.

  6. Trustree and Patron of The Ivy Trust, a children's charity.

  7. Voluntary teacher under the ESOL scheme of Oaklands College, teaching English to foreign students. (See the Mind Your Language page for the irony of this!)

  8. Committee member of Abbey Field Old People's Home, Harpenden.

  9. Voluntary worker in St Albans Hospital.

  10. Voluntary worker at Townsend School, Harpenden, running a film workshop for children.